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Teacher Training with Pixie Lillas

Introductory Teacher Training Course with Information Day September 2018


Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training with Pixie Lillas


Pixie will be running an Introductory Teacher Training Course at Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio starting November 2018.



A preliminary day for all potential participants will be held at the Studio on Saturday September 22nd 2018 from 2pm to 4pm.

All the dates for the course will set on the preliminary day.

Attendance at this session is a requirement for the course.


The course will run over 12 weekends, every 4-6 weeks with a slightly longer break over Christmas and in the middle of the year.

First weekend November 16 2018. The last weekend will be towards the end of 2020. All the weekend dates will be confirmed by the start of the course.

All trainees will need to register with the Association and be members by the first weekend of the course. See the Iyengar Yoga Australia website for further information.



Attendance at all sessions is required.



5.00 – 7.30 PM           Class



6.30 – 8.30 AM          Led practice based on the Introductory Syllabus

12.30 – 4.00 PM        Theory and practice of the Introductory postures



6.30-8.30 AM             Led practice

10.45 – 12.45PM        Theory and practice of asana, as above, and later in course teaching by trainees

2.30-4PM                    Discussion and clarification of points covered over the weekend. Remedial work with emphasis on how to use Yoga to work with common problems, including knees, necks and backs and how to advise students in class for menstruation, mild hypertension, pregnancy etc. will also be covered in this session.

4.00 – 5.15 PM           Restorative and Pranayama



The course will cover the following:

– Personal practice

– Familiarity with and understanding of the whole Introductory Syllabus from both a practice and a teaching perspective, i.e.:

  • Demonstration skills
  • Sequencing and linking in asana for class and practice
  • Observation of students to learn to “see” in class
  • Adjustments – hands-on skills
  • Teaching communication skills
  • Pranayama. Practice of syllabus pranayama and learning how to introduce pranayama to students


Students will be expected to review and keep abreast of all material covered each weekend and to complete several short assignments over the period of the course.

Provisional dates – to be confirmed by all on the first orientation Sunday in September



$5100 for 12 weekends – the full amount paid in three instalments.

$4850 if paid in advance before the first weekend


Instalments are due:

NOVEMBER 16 2018     $1500

JUNE 16 2019                $1500

FEBRUARY 16 2020      $1500


First payment on NOVEMBER 16 2018

Deposit  $600 is due on AUGUST 30th  2018. This amount is non refundable.

$50 for Preliminary day – to be paid on the day

The retreat typically costs between $2000 and  $2500 including all tuition, food and accommodation. Prices will vary slightly according to the venue costs at the time.



There is excellent accommodation in a lovely house about 10 minutes walk from the Studio on a B and B basis which can take up to 3 people (twin share). We can advise you of the details.

There are also apartments that can be rented for a weekend in the Balmain area close to the Studio.



A student wishing to train as a teacher must have been practicing Iyengar Yoga regularly for a minimum of three (3) years before undertaking training with a BKSIYAA-accredited teacher.

For more information about the further stages of certification, please visit the BKSIYAA website




At the completion of the course, those intending to work towards certification will need to continue attending classes with Pixie for a minimum of another 50 hours. This will add another 6-8 months to the course time before the trainee may be ready for assessment for full certification.

To complete your requirements to sit for certification, you also need to complete 100 hours of class assisting to be eligible for assessment.

For students from outside Sydney, arrangements can be made to attend the Studio for 5-7 day periods during which you will attend classes and practices and do some class assisting. It may also be possible to arrange to attend an appropriate retreat or designated workshop to make up the final 50 hours.

To contact Pixie, please use the Contact Us form on the BIYS site.


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