Coming back to classes in a new studio

Our beautiful new studio will help you get back to Yoga

As we are coming up to the start of your return to classes with the full timetable starting on January 24, we would ask you to be aware of a few things when attending classes.

Covid is still “out there” and there is the continuing unknown around future outbreaks. We will therefore ask that you be mindful of the following guidelines:

The Studio environment

We have a well ventilated, clean and open Studio to practice in. We will continue to regularly air the room during classes.

We ask that you continue to check in using the QR code until further notice.
Please sanitise your hands before and after class and when getting any soft Studio props.


We ask that you bring a mat, belt and if possible two blocks for your personal use as minimum equipment.

You are welcome to bring all your equipment with you if you prefer.

In either case, the teacher will ask that you only keep the things you immediately need near your mat. Any extra equipment can be kept in a neat pile just outside the entrance to the Studio practice room.

We are allowing for some Studio prop use, however you may like to purchase a bolster cover that you bring with you, or to use your own towel or cloth to cover the soft props. This is a matter for you to decide according to your preference.
We will ask students to use the wipes provided to clean any hard props after use.

Class credits

You are now able to manage your own class credits more easily. You will also be able to see when you are running out. As personal schedules sometimes change, we are leaving a bit of extra time around the use of your weekly class credits to allow for some flexibility.

As you will see below, the intention of the extra class credits is to allow you to attend more classes every week. The purpose behind the new payment system is not to pay for many months in advance. The time frame below allows for an extra five weeks to use up all your credits.

Purchase of:
5 classes – 15 weeks to use your credits
10 classes – 15 weeks to use your credits 1 class a week
20 classes – 15 weeks to use your credits = 2 classes a week
30 classes – 15 weeks to use your credits = 3 classes a week
40 classes – 15 weeks to use your credits = 4 classes a week



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