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How to pay for classes – Prices

Subscriptions, 10-week course, Casual payment


A modernised payment system

Starting in 2018, we’ve introduced a new way to pay for yoga at the studio. We’ve put a lot of thought into the new system with the aim of creating a balance between:

  • flexibility in payment options
  • discounts for regular attendees
  • maintaining a focus on a 10-week course structure
  • allowing for people with different working hours to not be locked into 1 class
  • encouraging beginner students to complete a 10-week course before progressing to level 1

Term structure

Our term is built around 4 cycles of 10-week, full-schedule classes and 2-weeks of reduced-schedule classes. The idea is to provide students with the flexibility to attend regular classes – scheduled around school terms – and a reduced timetable during the breaks when it is more common for people to go away on holidays.

Our full-schedule term takes students through every category of asana to give you a balanced practice. We encourage students to develop a home practice to maintain this structure at home throughout the term.

Three ways to pay for classes

Students can now pay for their yoga in Balmain in 3 ways:

Subscriptions The most cost effective and flexible way to pay for students attending more than 3 classes per fortnight.

10-week course The simple way to pay if you want to attend one class per week, at a fixed time.

Casual payment This is for students who will not be able to attend a full term, or will be away for much of their subscription period.



Our new subscription models have been modelled on similar programs at yoga studios, swimming pools, gyms and fitness centres. They give discounted rates compared to regular 10-week courses and they are aimed at students that attend more than 3 classes per fortnight.

Cheaper Classes are discounted by up to 20% from other payment methods.

Simpler Students no longer need to sign up every term, payments are deducted automatically.

Flexible When you sign up to a subscription, you are able to pause your automatic payments at any time in case you are going away, or if you are unable to attend classes for any reason.

Please note, our subscriptions are only available for students level 1 and above.

For beginners students, we have special offers for you! Click here to read more.

Fortnightly subscriptions

Offering the most flexibility, fortnightly subscriptions give you access to regular classes throughout the term and 2 weeks of term break classes if you choose to attend these. You are able to pause your subscription at any time during the billing cycle to stop payment for the next cycle.

Price range $62-$105 per fortnight. Depending on regularity of attendance.

View all fortnightly subscriptions here

Quarterly subscriptions

Offering the biggest discounts, quarterly subscriptions give you 10 weeks of the full-schedule courses and 2 weeks of term break classes. These are billed every 13 weeks and are automatically paused when the studio is closed over Christmas. You are able to cancel or pause your subscription at any time directly via the website. The billing cycle charges you up front for the 13-weeks, you will be notified by email when your next billing cycle is about to commence.

Price range $366-$600 per quarter. Depending on regularity of attendance.

View quarterly subscriptions here

10-week courses

Our studio encourages regular attendance of 10-week courses. Since our term is built around providing students with exposure to the full range of Iyengar yoga sequences, we have a different asana focus each week. If you miss your regular class during the week, we encourage you to try to make that class up during the term, ideally during that same week.

We understand that missing classes is sometimes unavoidable, so students who have signed up to a 10-week course are freely able to make up any missed classes during that same term. We ask that you notify us if you will be attending a different class that week so we can ensure we have enough space to accommodate you.

Students Available to all students, beginners to advanced.

Price range $200-$230 per 10-week course, depending on your level.


Casual attendance

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to fit around a 10-week term or a fortnightly structure. If either of the above structures do not fit with you, our casual attendance is available for all students level 1 and above.

Students are welcome to attend casually, but the higher price per class reflects the extra administrative workload involved in payment processing, monitoring class numbers and the work involved for the teacher to assist a new student in the class.

Casual attendance is paid directly to your teacher at the studio, no pre-booking is required. Card payments are welcome.



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