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Online Iyengar yoga classes during lockdown

During the lockdown, we will start our new term via live stream and Zoom classes. View all the details here.


Book in for all your regular term classes online with Zoom and live streaming

With lockdown very much still upon us, we will begin term 3 with our full class timetable running online via live stream and Zoom.

We know that streaming isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t replace the feeling of coming to a class in person but we think that everyone could use a bit of normality and “regular scheduling” while we are stuck at home.

How it works

If you pay for a class via our timetable page, you will get access to both the live stream classes, as well as the face to face classes when we are able to re-open.
Click here to view the timetable

We are very enthusiastic about opening our doors again as soon as we are able to. If you would like to attend classes again this term, please book in for the online classes and this will reserve your place for in person classes at the Studio once we re-open. Attending classes online supports your practice and the Studio during lockdown.

Once we re-open the physical studio, we will continue to offer online options in addition to the face-to-face classes. If you prefer, you are welcome to continue to join us via live stream (as some of our out of state and international students do!).

How to join your class

Rather than sending you emails with links to your class, we will provide you with your own personalised class timetable on your Balmain Yoga dashboard.

The simple steps to join your class are:
1. Make a booking for your chosen class
2. On the day of the class, go to the following link:
3. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked for your username and password

If you have any trouble with logging in or accessing your link, please contact us via the web chat or email. We’re very responsive.

Classes will be made available for up to 7 days after the session so if you miss the class, you can watch it back again later in the week. Just follow the same link to access a recording of your class.

The link again is:


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