Teacher Development Workshop with Pixie Lillas (Senior Intermediate)

1 August 2020 – 2 August 2020
Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio

For Certified Teachers at Junior Intermediate III and above


Teacher Development Weekend

Teacher Development weekends aim to deepen understanding of asana both on and outside the three levels of the SI syllabus. The purpose of the workshops is to further develop and hone teaching skills and practice awareness for certified teachers from JI 3 onwards.

There is one Senior Intermediate weekend each year.

The weekend will be preceded by a Friday Intensive class, from 12–2.30pm. These are not specifically a part of the SI workshop, but may be of special interest to those attending.



6.30-8.15am Led practice

12.45-4pm Asana – practical and theory, including observation of important principles in understanding the teaching and practice of the selected asana.

These sessions may also include sequencing and linking within asana groups and within each posture.


6.15-8am Led practice

10.45- 1pm Teaching, including feedback

2.30-5.15pm Q and A, and discussion of relevant topics, i.e approach to certain problems in practice and teaching. Approaches to Remedial Work for common problems in class like neck, back and knees may also be covered. Restorative and pranayama.

Cost & bookings

The cost for a full weekend is $320. Plus $50 if attending the Friday Intensive the day before.


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