Philip Hersch

Philip started practicing yoga in Israel in the late ’80s having been recommended yoga as a way to improve his health. Under the guidance of his teacher Philippe Lombard, he introduced a yoga class for autistic adults at the hostel in which he was working at the time. He first attended RIMYI in 1995 and has returned every 2 years to attend the Institute in Pune. Having attended Euro Yoga in 1993 where he heard much praise for Pixie Lillas, on returning to Australia in 1996 he sought out and continued his teacher training with Pixie and was certified in 1997. He has taught at BYS for the last 20 years where many of his students have been at the studio for just as long. It is that long-term student-teacher relationship that is at the heart of the yoga tradition; one in which the teacher learns as much from his students as he imparts.

As Guruji says: ” In the art of teaching you have always to work as a learner…


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