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We are re-opening the studio!

From June 22 we are back to teaching! Join us for a shorter 4-week term


We are re-opening our studio today and we’re excited to get back to face-to-face teaching!

If you weren’t attending class with us before we closed during quarantine

You are very welcome to join us for a shorter 4-week term. If you wish to book for 4 classes, just select your preferred class on our timetable page and use the coupon code 4weeksonly at checkout.

If you are returning to class as a student from last term

Please make sure you have made a booking online for your chosen class(es). If you have class credits remaining, you can use the code ReturnToClass to secure your space without needing to make payment.All bookings can be made via our timetable page:

Please contact us if you have any questions or difficulties with booking.
Please ignore the prices that you see on the timetable page. If you use one of the discount codes above, you will be billed only for the correct number of classes. The final price will be shown on the checkout page.

Bookings for our next 10-week course will be available early next week.

How we are keeping the studio safe

When you come back, MOST things will be familiar but there will also be A FEW new and less familiar protocols which we will all need to get used to. Below is a reminder of the new protocols operating from today.

  • Please, don’t come to class if you have a cough, sore throat, runny nose or fever. We’re relying on you to do the right thing which is to stay at home!
  • Unless you have spoken with us prior, make sure you have booked a place online before turning up to a class. This will help us keep track of who has attended a class (if needed for contact tracing) as well as maintain class numbers to the allowable limit.
  • Always bring your own yoga mat and strap to and from class. If possible, also bring a towel to place over any soft props we may use, such as blankets or bolsters.
  • When you enter the Studio please look for the stickers on the floor which will show you where to place your mat. By placing your mat so that the sticker is in the middle of your mat, we can maintain the right distance between students.
  • Help us avoid crowding at the Studio by arriving no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled class if there is a class in progress before your session. If this really isn’t possible, please keep appropriate distancing between others whilst in the waiting room.
  • If there is a class scheduled immediately after yours, please follow the protocol of entering the Studio carrying your shoes and bags and placing them at the back of the Studio. This is so you can leave via the back door allowing students for the next class to enter the Studio without crowding. If there is no class scheduled after yours, you are welcome to leave your shoes and bags as usual in the waiting room.
  • Sanitise your hands before and after class using the hand sanitisers at the studio.
  • At the end of class, please follow the instructions of your teacher regarding the cleaning or rotation of any props you have used during class.
  • Teachers and teacher assistants will be limiting hands on assistance and adjustments during class. If you have any particular concerns about this, please speak with your teacher before class.

We appreciate this is quite a shopping list of things to take in and remember. We also expect that as we go, we may need to tweak a few things especially as the health guidelines evolve and change.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about any of this when you arrive – our teachers will guide you in what is needed.

See you all very soon!



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