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Teacher Development with Pixie Lillas

Teacher Development Weekends for Junior Intermediate and Senior Intermediate Levels


Teacher Development Weekends

Pixie runs Teacher Development sessions at Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio for both Junior Intermediate and Senior Intermediate levels.

Teacher Development weekends aim to deepen understanding of asana both on, and outside, the three levels of the JI and SI syllabi, respectively. The purpose of the workshops is to further develop and hone teaching skills and practice awareness for certified teachers.

There are two Junior Intermediate Weekends, and one Senior Intermediate Weekend, each year.


Junior Intermediate Weekends are suitable for Certified Teachers Introductory II, Junior Intermediate I or II.

Senior Intermediate Weekends are for those Certified at Junior Intermediate III and above.

Friday Intensives

Each weekend will be preceded by a Friday Intensive class, from 12–2.30pm. These are not specifically a part of the JI/SI Weekend Workshop, but may be of special interest to those attending.

More Information and Dates for This Year

Please check the “Workshops” tab for more information on the Teacher Development Weekends, and to see the precise dates for this year.

You are able to reserve your spot in the Teacher Development Weekends online.


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