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Face-to-face classes to pause at BIYS

From Monday 16 March, we will no longer be running classes at the Studio to help lower risk of community infections.


Hi everyone,

We live in interesting times! Pasta and toilet paper stocks at an all-time low, sanitiser in short supply, CEOs foregoing their salaries (maybe the most shocking of this list!).

As the effects of Covid-19 have been increasing, we have been thinking about the best way to respond at Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio. The safety of our students and teachers is very important to us, and we want to contribute to larger efforts to slow the spread and keep more vulnerable members of our community safe.

Given the unfolding state of affairs in Australia and around the world, we think it would be unwise to continue with a ‘business as usual’ approach at the studio when social distancing is being recommended and there is talk of larger scale lock-downs, restrictions on travel and closures of universities.

Face to face classes to stop from Monday 16 March

In the interests of minimising the risk of community spread of the virus, we will cease running face-to-face classes from today. This means term will be finishing three weeks early.

We’re lucky that there has been no reported illness amongst teachers or students at the studio. However, we think that the interests of public health and safety dictate that winding down group activities such as Yoga classes is in the best interests of our students and teachers, and the community more broadly. We are trying to do our part to keep people safe and limit the spread of infections and therefore the burden on hospital systems that is occurring elsewhere.

We will make announcements about the reopening of the studio in Term 2 once we have more information about the situation in Sydney at that time.

Online classes available now
Luckily we are in a good position to continue to provide you with classes and instructions by distance. Continuing your practice at home through these difficult times is a great way to remain healthy and well, and will hopefully be a great companion to anyone required to self-isolate.

You can sign up instantly using the link below:

We will be filming regularly at the studio while we are closed and we will be providing comprehensive online materials for students of all levels.

Yoga equipment available to borrow

We will also lend yoga equipment to students for free with a $150 deposit. Equipment will be available to collect on the weekend from the studio.

Alternatively, you can make use of our Yoga Vastu discount code at to purchase some equipment of your own.

Wrapping up

It’s with a heavy heart that we are moving forward with this procedure. It will be a difficult time. All the teachers are very sad to stop teaching face-to-face but we all think it is best to play things safe and put these restrictions in now so we do our part to reduce strain on hospitals as the rate of infection increases.

Hopefully with a prompt response across Australia, this can be managed quickly and we can return to normal next term.

Financially, we will be relying on students subscribing and following along at Yoga Vastu during this time so we can continue to offer some payment to teachers and cover weekly costs such as rent.

Please join us online and we will keep providing a high level of class instruction by distance.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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