Iyengar Yoga Gift Cards

Gift cards and vouchers of any value for use at our classes and workshops


Introduce Iyengar Yoga to someone special

Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio offers gift cards that you can easily order online. Get a loved one started in our beautiful studio in Balmain. Pixie Lillas has run the best yoga studio in Sydney for over 36 years. All of our teachers hold an Iyengar Yoga teaching certificate. We aim to provide you with the best that Iyengar yoga has to offer – in asanas, techniques and its proven benefits to your overall wellness. Simply select the value of your gift card, enter the email address of the recipient and your name. That’s it! We will package the gift for you as a PDF and send it directly to them. Alternatively you can enter your own email address, print out and give it to your loved one on a special day.


What classes can I choose with my gift card?

Your gift card serves as a voucher to select any of the available classes or workshops that we offer online.

How do I redeem my gift card?

Book any class that you would like to attend. Go to the checkout page and enter your unique gift card code into the field. This will deduct the voucher amount from the total price.

Can I exchange my gift card for money?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem the gift card for money.